Bull Riding School
Date: March 22-23 – Rosenberg, TX. 77471

All That Charlie Covers:
• Equipment – Knowing and having the right equipment is essential to success.
• Chute Routine – How to get your rope on your bull, and the proper approach to safely getting down and out on your bull.
• Body Position – Understanding the proper positioning to make a successful ride.
• Dismount – One of the most overlooked areas in bull riding. Learning how to get off your bull safely is just as important as making a qualified ride.
• Personal one on one instruction with each student.

Only 25 spots are available for this school.
Date: March 22-23
Location: Fort Bend County Fairgrounds
Rosenberg, TX. 77471
Call or Text Korey: 435-820-1828
Call Charlie: 814-795-2129